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February 5, 2021
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Google Review 20% Off Promotion

This month we are offering a 20% off your next order to the first 25 existing customers that successfully complete our Google Review 20% Off Program. Every day we receive tones of very good feedback about our products and services. We would love for you to share these same exact experiences on our google business page to help spread the word. 

Once you have successfully completed the program, you will receive a code that will offer 25% off all of our store items. This code can be applied or provided at the check out option online, over the phone with a sales rep, or on an email purchase order for debit card on file or 30 day net accounts. Below are the details on how to successfully complete our Google Review 20% Off Program in 3 easy steps:

Step 1: Leaving A Review
You will need to write a review on our google business page. You can find this page by typing in Crosslink Paints Google Review in a google search or by clicking the link Here. Your review can be about anything you would like to share about your experience with Crosslink Paints. If you would like to attach a photo, please feel free to do so. Please DO NOT leave any previous order numbers or accounting information in your review. If you have any problems with leaving a review, here is a generic video that will help you in finding and successfully submitting a review on google. 

Step 2: Proof Of Review
This can be done by taking a screenshot or a photo from your camera phone of your review that was left on google.

For windows computer users, the snipping tool that is preloaded onto your computer is a great way to take a screenshot of your review. This file can be saved as a JPEG.
For mac users, you can use the shift-command-4 buttons on your keyboard to take a successful screenshot. This file can also be saved as a JPEG.
For phone users, you can use the camera function of your phone to take a photo of your review. 

Step 3: Sending Proof To Sales
A proof of your review will need to be emailed to us. Once you have completed step 2. Please attach your screenshot or photo in an email with the words added "Google Review 20% Off Program" in the subject line and have this sent to [email protected] Once we receive your proof of review, we will send you an email with your coupon code. Coupon can be used online by entering the code in the apply code area while in the check out stage of our online website. If you choose to place your order in over the phone with a sales rep, please provide the code at the time order is being placed. For emailed purchase order submissions or charge card on file email orders, please provide the code in the subject line of your email or on the purchase order as a line item or memo.

Terms & Conditions
First time customers are not eligible to participate. Existing customers that have placed 1 or more orders with Crosslink Paints are eligible to participate. 20% off doesn't apply to shipping or taxes collected at the time of purchase. Coupon can only be used 1 time. Offered only to the first 50 existing customers that have successfully completed the program. Coupon expires 3/31/2021.

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