Surface Preparation

Do not apply at temperatures below 50 Fahrenheit (10 Celsius)

Before painting, the surface must be clean and free of all surface contamination. This can be done by using sandpaper, cleaning solvents such as paint thinner, or paper towels to clear rust, debris, water, oil, etc. as necessary.

Mask off all unwanted painting areas with painters tape. 

Some cleaning solvents can remove or damage the original finish. It is highly recommended to test your cleaning solvent in a non conspicuous are before proceeding to the effected area.

Application Methods

Paint Brush: You can use a standard paint brush to apply the paint as necessary.

HVLP Gun: If using a HVLP gun, we recommend thinning the Top Coat paint out with Acetone to prevent the gun from clogging. A good start would be to use a 8:1 Paint:Acetone ratio.


Using our Fast Dry Alkyd Industrial Primer will improve performance but it is not necessary. Performance factors include build mil thickness, increase adhesion, creating a smooth surface, and decreasing the amount of layers needed for your primary coat which can be extremely useful when spraying low gloss paint.

Apply a good even base coat allowing 20 to 30 minutes between each re-coat if necessary. Excess film thickness will retard dry times and affect the re-coat window. After allowed 20-30 minutes from your last base coat, you can now proceed to applying the Top Coat. 

Applying The Top Coat

Apply a good even top coat allowing 20-30 minutes between each coat if necessary. Paint can take 15-30 minutes to touch, 1 - 2 hours to handle, and 7 days to fully cure. 

Tips & Tricks

To prevent running streaks, swirls, and orange peal, spray or apply no more than 5 passes over the desired paint area at a reasonable distance allowing 20-30 minutes before applying additional coats. 

When using a flat, matte, satin, or semi gloss product, spraying multiple coats can increase the gloss level. In order to combat this problem, use a primer as your base coat then spray one coat as your top coat. 

The technical data presented is information believed by Crosslink Paints to be currently accurate; however, no guarantee of accuracy, comprehensiveness or
performance is given or implied. Performance can fluctuate due to surface preparation technique, method of application, operating
conditions, the material it is applied to or with, and use. It is strongly recommended that products be tested with respect to these factors prior to full
scale use.