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RAL7009 - Green Grey
RAL7009 - Green Grey

RAL 7009 Green Grey Powder Coating Powder

The Price:
Part Number: RAL-POW-LBS-7009-
Availability: Call For Availability
Application: Metals
Paint Type: Polyester TGIC

Custom Information

Polyester TGIC weather resistant powder coating for interior and exterior applications

Applications: Metals

Finish: Smooth Glossy

Gloss Level: 80-95 [ At 60 Degree Meter]

Curing Schedule: 10Min at 400F Degrees [Part Metal Temperature]

Theoretical Coverage: 51.5 ft2/lb

Specific Gravity: Approximately 1.2-1.8 g/cm3

Salt Spray: 1000 Hours

Packaged and Shipped in 3Mil Polybag 


RAL 9005 & 9006 is the only metallic color in the RAL Color system that is internationally different by every manufacture. If you If you are looking for a specific manufactured RAL powder, please contact us for availability. 

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