Raw Materials & Supply Chain Issues Hits The Architectural Paint Market
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The manufacturing lead time for non stock items has now been reduced to 5-7 working business days. Please contact [email protected] or by phone at (972) 364-7839 for the latest up to date availability.

The manufacturing lead time for non stock items has now been increased to 7-9 working business days. Please contact [email protected] or by phone at (972) 364-7839 for the latest up to date availability. 

The manufacturing lead time for non stock items has now been increased to 5-7 working business days. 


The manufacturing lead time for non stock items has now been reduced to 3-5 working business days. 

Statement to all Valued Crosslink Paints Customers

For Immediate Release

Dallas, TX - Crosslink Paints - As you may know, the architectural coatings industry has been experiencing a raw material shortage since the middle of summer 2021. As we begin 2022, the industry is showing a continuation of raw material shortages at a unprecedented level. To give further insight, resin aka binder which holds paint pigment particles together and provides adhesion when painting on a surface has been the number one catalysts of the raw material shortages in paint. Resin manufacturers that provide to our vendors are struggling to keep up with the robust global demand for paints. One of the components used to make white is titanium dioxide otherwise known as TI02. This along with other components to make yellows and oranges have been in short supply to our vendors.

We at Crosslink Paints have predicted an outcome like this to occur many months ago in which we began purchasing large quantities of materials to cover us in the event of a shortage. This has allowed us to keep one of the fastest turnaround times in the industry and to attract an abundance of new customers. Now that our supply levels are at its lowest, we are now left to evaluate how we can serve all of our new and existing customers fairly and equally.

Effective immediately, we will be temporarily imposing a limit on the amount of paint any new customer can purchase from us at our discretion. A new customer is classified as someone that has not purchased from us on or before 3/8/2022. For all our existing customers, we will not be imposing a limit on the amount of paint you can purchase. A limit can be temporarily imposed if our stock levels of certain colorants fall to a critical level. In this case you will be notified by one of our sales team members on a suggested alternative lead time. Once our supply levels return back to a normal level, all limits will be removed immediately.

Our current lead time for in stock items will ship same working business day for orders placed before 3pm. For non stock items, our current manufacturing lead time is 5-7 working business days from when the order is placed. All custom color matches will have a manufacturing lead time of 5-7 working business days from when the order is placed. If possible, we will ship non stock and custom color matching items before the 5-7 working business day lead time if they do become available. The lead times provided is based on information currently available to Crosslink. These are NOT guaranteed but it is the most accurate information we have as of this time. 

Expedited shipping options are available for non aerosol products. If you chose an expedited shipping option for a non stock or custom color matched items, your order will still need to go through the 5-7 day manufacturing process. To check stock of our inventory, please email [email protected] for the most accurate numbers in our inventory.

We currently do not offer expedited manufacturing options as of this time. The oldest orders in our system are the ones that will be manufactured first. 

Our customer service team has been working very hard to update anyone on existing orders that is not within this time frame. We do ask if our customers can limit their request on order status updates before the 5-7 day manufacturing lead time so that we can assist all of our customers accordingly in a timely manner with the resources we have. All orders placed receive an emailed order confirmation. Once your order has shipped, you will receive an additional email with tracking information. If you do not receive an order confirmation email, please contact [email protected] to verify your email address.

We want to thank everyone for working with us and for letting us continue to be your paint provider in these challenging times that the industry as a whole is experiencing. Our team has been working closely with our existing vendors and also with our new vendors to help us stay supplied in the long run. Our goal is to return back to our 0-3 day manufacturing lead time and to welcome all the new customers to a company with incredible color matches, fair pricing, and the industries fastest turn around time. We have really big plans here in the future that revolves around the whole paint buying experience here at Crosslink Paints and we would like for all of our customers to grow with us as this new era unfolds.

Our sincerest regards,
Gabe Bargas

Gabe Bargas
General Manager
Crosslink Paints

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Crosslink Paints is a Dallas Texas based company that manufactures touch up paint and resells powder coating powder to manufacturers, fabricators, and powder coating companies all across the United States. Being a subsidiary company of the Crosslink Powder Coating Corporation, we have a combined experience of over 30 year in powder coating, painting, and color matching. With the growing United States economy, our business model is to provide small amounts of powder to powder coating businesses & to provide a superior quality touch up paint at a competitive price with the fastest turn around time in the industry.


Ricky Rush

Date 4/30/2022

I would like to place a order for the spray can and a touch up pen for paint code PRV if possible.

Bonnie Hammond

Date 7/18/2022

Will the order I just placed be back ordered due to raw material? Order number: CLP-9144

Marc Rutenberg

Date 7/18/2022

I need this here by Thursday 7/21/22. Please.

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