Crosslink Paints was founded on August 22, 2019 as a subsidiary company of the Crosslink Powder Coating Corporation going under the name Crosslink Paints LLC. With the growing United States economy, our business model is to provide small amounts of powder to powder coating businesses & to provide a superior quality touch up paint at a competitive price with the fastest turn around time in the industry.

The Crosslink Brand Paint is made in our new 15,000sq/ft facility on 11078 Morrison lane where thousands of orders are shipped out each month. 

With the dedication of our employees, our partners, and our championship winning racing team, we are committed to making you a good quality paint, at a great price, with a fast turn around time. 

Our Products

Crosslink Paints offers a variety of paint & powder coating product, paint supplies, and other general accessories used in the paint industry. The markets we serve includes the following:

  • Architectural Coatings
  • Industrial Coatings
  • Commercial Coatings
  • Powder Coatings
  • Retail Paint Supplies
  • Household Products
  • DIY Personal Consumers
Crosslink Paints is a supplier of paint products by both PPG, Sherwin Williams, & IFS Coatings

PPG Products
PPG Architectural & Industrial Exterior Coatings: QT100HC, ALK200R, ALK201, NLP495
PPG Interior/Exterior Commercial Coatings: 82-3XXX, 689-XX, 389-XX, 109-XX,18-XXX, 70-1XX, 39-XXX, V52-XXX, V62-XXX, V72-XXX, 6-2, 6-4, 17-921XI, 17-9517
PPG Sundry Paint Supplies: Brushes, Rollers, Masking Tape, Sanding, Protective Equipment, Cleaners, Gloves, Trays, Cups, Etc. 

Sherwin Williams Products
Sherwin General Industrial Coatings: FFV, F75V
Sherwin Williams Valspar Fluropon PVDF Coatings:920X350

IFS Products
IFS Powder Coating Powder

We understand that lead time, quality, and pricing are very important factors. This is why Crosslink Paints has one of the fastest turn around times in the industry with most items shipping same day or within 1 working business day. Crosslink Paints uses the latest technology in color matching software matched with the industry's leading spectrometers paired with our automated tinting equipment to achieve a precise color match for first time and repeating orders. Our Paint Supply & Powder product come from reputable vendors that we trust. 

Color Matching Capabilities
  • RAL Standard
  • FED-STD-595
  • AMS-STD-595
  • Tiger Drylac
  • IFS Coatings
  • Axalta Coatings
  • Dupont
  • PPG
  • Sherwin Williams
  • TCI
  • Spraylat
  • Akzo Nobel 
  • Polychem
  • Pantone
Custom Color Matching Abilities

If you are looking for best possible color match, our custom color matching service will help ensure your paint matches perfectly and consistently from initial order to re order. Matching form a color standard is only as good as how close the person matching the standard wants to achieve. This along with substrate, film thickness, and other variables can lead to a mismatch of paint. Our custom color matching service utilizes a customers approved panel for color matching and testing to ensure an approved match is made. We verify all of our matches underneath multiple lighting instruments.